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Jun 04, 2020


So you have decided to sell your home. What next? Your home needs to be prepared for sale before handing over to a realtor.
Sometimes you may not be inclined to look out for cheap and easy fixes since you are selling your home soon. However, there are little and affordable improvements you can make to upgrade your home quality to make it more attractive to buyers without breaking the bank and also to get the best deal.

There are cheap and easy fixes to look out for such as:
• REMOVE OLD LIGHTENING FIXTURES: At the very least, you should remove the old ceiling light fixtures and clean them of dead bugs and dust which inevitably collects over the years. Lighting fixtures are easy to remove and you should also replace broken or dead bulbs.

• REPAIR EXTERNAL DOORS: Making your door easy to open and close prepares your home for sale. If your front or back doors are bad or you have serious lock issues call a professional to correct them as needed. It is also important for security reasons.

• FIX LEAKING ROOF: Address roof repairs before trying to sell your home. If your roof needs serious work, be ready to negotiate a lower price with buyers.

• CORRECT PUMBLING PROBLEMS: Preparing your home for sale requires you to identify and fix common issues such as clogged drains or leaky pipes. Contact a plumber to replace or fix the plumbing issues if you cannot handle it yourself. It’s better to spend a little cash than to risk flooding your whole house.

• CLEAN THE WINDOWS: Close all windows tightly. Windows should be cleaned both inside and outside. They take time, but clean windows bring out your homes inner beauty.

• KEEP YOUR WELL LIT: Replace broken bulbs as needed. Open your curtains and pull up your window shades to let daylight in. A home shrouded in darkness is gloomy and depressing. In contrast, illuminating your home will make it more attractive and inviting.

• PAINT PROBLEM AREAS: Check carefully for chipped and peeling paint on the wall, cabinets or around that might need to be repainted. Marks which cannot be washed off should also be painted.
Choose a neutral colored paint when painting. Neutral paints make selling the house easier. Any off-white, gray, or cream color is a good choice. Avoid loud colors like green, red, or yellow. Painting is another area where it might be good to hire professionals to know what kind of paint to buy or the right wood for your cabinets.

• CLEAN UP: This may be the most important step you take toward getting your home ready to sell. For a home to live up to the "move-in condition" description, it has to be clean. If you already keep a clean house, simply keep up the good work, checking to make sure you don't overlook little-used closets and other nooks and crannies that aren't part of your weekly routine. This needs to be a deep cleaning. You want your property to look spotless. Take special care with the bathroom, making sure the tile, counters, shower, and floors shine.

If you have not moved out fully and you have a potential buyer coming to walk through your house, there are things you should do to help potential buyers get a feel for the space.

• Leave only neutral decor; Exotic collection of shrunken heads should be removed or covered.

• Remove clutter and tidy up a bit. It will help people envision how the home could look when empty or organized nicely.

• Keep the entire house clean and smelling fresh. If you detect an unpleasant odor, open the windows and turn on your fans to evacuate the stink. You can use scented candles,or incense to keep your home smelling nice. Pleasant scents can leave visitors with a positive impression.

• If you have pets, try to confine them to a smaller area of the house while an inspection is ongoing.

Pay attention to details. Put in effort and you’ll reap the rewards. Be bothered to get that little stain out, and to make sure that your home smells beautiful.

At NAVITAS REALTIES LTD we have adopted a professional approach in assisting and guiding clients who need to sell their homes and those who need a home.

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